Nose in a book wallpaper magazine

Society of Scent matches perfumes to photography

We like to say that perfume belongs to culture, not fashion. Of course it can work well with fashion, but there are many other cultural expressions it can draw inspiration from or be paired to. At the Society of Scent, we love the language of photography, as well as the physicality of books. It was natural then, to work with our friends at Damiani Editore, whose collection of photography books is as extensive as beautiful. Together, we selected a series of editions to pair with the various scents from our So Scent collection. We retailed the duos as a limited edition for Father’s Day of 2020, but thanks to Wallpaper magazine, the story remains, and so does the relevance of finding new avenues to express the invisible sensory power of scents, through more tangible mediums and expressions.

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