Chasing the Scent of a Brooklyn Fragrance Lover

Every perfume brand is trying to work with perfume bloggers in order to channel sales via their platforms. That was not our idea. Instead, we approached Carlos and Steven, two famous perfume reviewers and good friends, and offered to create a brand with them. They would be the creative directors, and we would of course create the scent, but also the branding and the packaging. We would invest on their behalf, it would be new, and it would be fun. It ended up a bittersweet adventure as Carlos passed a few weeks before the launch, which we of course dedicated to him. We sold the limited edition of 1000 bottles in only a few days, and since then, we have had many requests to produce more. But a brand named RedBrook – after the YouTube channels founded respectively by Steven and Carlos (Redolessence & Brooklyn fragrance Lovers)- should probably not continue when one of its two voices has gone silent. Although sad, it remains a wonderful adventure and a product we are extremely proud of !

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