Why your Perfume Doesn’t Last?

The quality of ingredients

Let’s face it, the short answer is : because it is not such a good quality perfume after all!

A product may retail for a premium price, yet not be made with quality ingredients. There is indeed the question of the technical expertise needed to make a perfume both diffusive and long-lasting, but as insiders, we will be blunt with you: in most case, the perfumers are obliged to work on ridiculously low budgets, and while the cost of materials has significantly gone up since the golden age of perfumery, the money allocated to the “juice” has been reduced to an indecent few dollars per bottle (if that !).

There can a few other factors that affect the longevity of a perfume, for example, 100% natural perfumes tend to diffuse less and fade sooner. But mainly, we all know that perfumes used to last longer, and many consumers already associate this modern problem with a deficit of quality. We cannot stress enough how much we agree and how bad we know it is.

Where does the money go?

Although many have been reformulated, classic perfumes are much more expensive to make than the ones recently launched, because the industry, as a whole, now believes consumers won’t see the difference. Most of the costs go in the marketing and advertising and not in the product. While esthetics remains a matter of taste, when it comes to lasting power, the cheapness shows … This said, perfumers have found some ways to make cheaper blends last quite long, and they are now consistently using a few super strong molecules, as backbones to their creations. These molecules are helpful and efficient but we cannot say that we find them refined. We would even qualify some as aggressive and invasive. They also are one of the many reasons why everything seems to smell the same…

At The Society Of Scent, we are obsessed with quality and différenciation 

At The Society of Scent, we have no budget for scent creation, we want the “juice” to be the most expensive item, we use ingredients because they are beautiful and we like them, and we see the final cost of a perfume as a random and uncontrollable consequence of our creative endeavor. We go back to the most beautiful essences- often abandoned by others because of their price- and we use them lavishly, so that in turn you can indulge in them !

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