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Derek Johnson is an American Fashion filmmaker living in New York City. The Society of Scent commissioned Derek to produce a video series on the theme: “Silent Bodies”. This collaboration is part of our “Unfinished” series, a platform documenting creative conversations between a variety of artists and our Nose Jean Claude Delville. We are happy to present the starting point of this coming development with a loop of 5 short videos entitled “Intoxication”, “Skin”, “Touched”, “Truth” and “Youth”. It is about the human body, abandoned in a surreal weightless grey atmosphere. The Society of Scent, together with artist Derek Johnson, are looking to create innovative sensory immersions starting from “nothingness”. Nose Jean Claude Delville will soon be bouncing creative accords illustrating these videos and engage in the formulation of an original scent inspired by the work of Derek. Shot in slow motion, this piece also stands as a metaphoric representation of our quest for more transparency, clarity and truthfulness within the fragrance business, and our belief in a strong, immersive and individual experience of Scent, very much inspired by the Slow Scent Movement.

Silent Bodies: Do you have a soul?

Inspired by “Inanimate Objects” written by French Poet Alphonse de Lamartine (1790-1869) : “Inanimate Objects,  do you have a soul which stick to our souls and forces it to love?”

http://www.derekjohnsonstudio. com/

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