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Sylvere Azoulai is a French photographer living and working in New York. His highly technical and innovative work has been noticed by international luxury brands such as Chanel, Lancôme, Valentino, or Nespresso who all have developed long term collaborative relationships with him. The Society of Scent discovered his talent through some of his personal work and particularly a series untitled “Florever” . We invited Sylvere to engage into a multi-sensory journey with our Nose Jean Claude Delville. They settled on a fragile and ephemeral flower, “Le Muguet”.

The “Muguet” dress created by Christian Dior in 1954

Lily Of The Valley is an important flower in France, where it is a symbol of Good Luck, associated with the celebration of Spring on May 1st. It has been a fashionable favorite of many of Christian Dior’s Collections , so much that Diorissimo, the fragrance launched in 1956 and created by the iconic Master Perfumer Edmond Roudnitska, is an attempt to recreate the scent of this fragrant flower which to this day cannot be extracted or distilled by any method known to Perfumers. Edmond Roudnitska has always been an inspiration, a mentor and a role model to Jean Claude Delville and in fact to the whole fragrance industry. Going back to the drawing board and looking into the iconic and yet allusive flower is a way for Jean Claude to pay tribute to the Master.”Muguet Hypothermia” is about a mistaken identity: The name “muguet’ is a diminutive form of Old French muguete (“musk”) ultimately going back to Sanskrit muṣká (“testicle”), the shape of the gland being similar. On the flip side, the flower is almost systematically associated with femininity – like many other flowers- and we are eager to find ways to reconcile this apparent ambiguity with a scent that would transcend usual gender qualifications. In the tangible space, we aim to challenge the physical fragility of The Lily of the Valley and see how it resists the immersion into the beautiful but hostile icy world dear to Sylvere. As a metaphoric allegory about transgression of social cliches, or just as an inspirational artistic conversation about transformation, physical reaction, and beauty… We will explore these different layers of identity through a well documented process of transformation. The ice represents the unscented matter inside of which the potent Muguet will be entrapped. A scented limited edition – product form to be determined- will be presented together with large format photographs.

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Sylvere Azoulai