#Honey #Orangeflower #Acacia

10 ml roller-ball

Honey is like “liquid gold”: the most nutritious, virtuous and precious elixir of life, created by nature through a sophisticated interaction between the flora and the fauna. Our friends the bees are working hard to produce it, and we think it is important to provide an authentic rendition so our kids can understand how beautiful and essential it is. There are as many types of honey as there are flowers and herbs, and we decided to focus on white flowers honey, with tones of acacia and orange blossom. The floral tones make it easy to wear, not sticky, and very natural. We believe the bees would love it very much, we know our kids do !

  • Genderless Eau de Toilette for children- not suitable for children below 6 years of age
  • Creation date: 2019
  • 0.33 fl.oz/ 10 ml glass roll on vial
  • Packaged in a recycled craft pillow envelope and a blue Mylar sealed pouch
  • Dimensions: 4 x 6 x 1 in
  • Shipping by ground by USPS in all U.S 48 contiguous States – average delivery in 48 hours (shipping alcoholic perfume by air is a complicated and costly affair). All other destinations are a case by case arbitration between Fedex, UPS, USPS Global. On average it takes a week to complete international shipments but with recent events we have witnessed extended lead times.


We are a collective of disruptive thinkers and shakers with a solid expertise in Scent and Fragrance. Our team and network is composed of Perfumers, Brand Builders and Creative visionaries. We love what we create, we are engaged in the quest for a better living, we imagine and share our vision with the world. We are a Perfume House and not just a brand: our scents are created in our Lab by Jean Claude Delville, and a couple of guest perfumers. We think of ourselves as part of an “Alternative Perfumery” movement. The Society of Scent follows the principle that defines a true perfume house: Scent Creation and Creative Direction stays in-house. We are obsessed with quality, differentiation and emotional connections. We are committed to creative excellence and celebrate the extraordinary power of scents. We are initiating our own Scent Movement where respect for the Consumer and respect for the Product are the key drivers of everything we do !


This collection comes as a result of workshops with local children from the South Bronx that we set up as part of our social commitment.  We work with simple, fresh farm ingredients, such as honey, strawberries or tomato leaves. Some of the kids cannot identify the scent of real honey as they are mostly used to the sucrose honey they normally splash over their pancakes. In these workshops, kids and family members share in the experience of playing with scent and knowledge. The Smelling Bees is a product range of scents specific for children to enjoy, both fun and high quality allowing kids to play, develop and share a knowledge of perfume…. We are also working on an education scent kit where parents and kids can share the scent experience and know-how. Formulated by Nose Jean Claude, every scent in The Smelling Bees collection is created from the highest quality ingredients. They are all true to nature and represent familiar odors- or sometimes a bit more adventurous yet always simple smells. Presented in a colorful pack and easy to apply with their roll on format, they are bound to deliver pleasure and fun to the young ones while showing them what quality and authenticity means.


Jean Claude began studying perfumery at the age of 17. He is living in Manhattan where he enjoys walking and exploring the always evolving New York urban landscape and sometimes unexplored gardens. He is a marathoner who enjoys running for the physical and meditative state of mind and a way to pulse imagination and creativity. He has worked for international major groups such as Quest, Creations Aromatiques, IFF, Firmenich, Symrise and more recently for Drom. Jean Claude is the creator of acclaimed and timeless fragrances for Designers and major Fashion Houses such as Jean Couturier, Gres, Givenchy, Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, Jo Malone,  and Vera Wang to name a few. His creation Clinique Happy (1998) entered the Fragrance Foundation Hall of Fame in 2014. In  2017, Jean Claude Delville co-founded The Society of Scent, an innovative digital platform dedicated to Scent Culture, with its own Laboratory located in the South Bronx. Here is what he had to say about himself in a recent conversation:

“Combining colors, music notes, taking pictures of flower arrangements were a simple passion and I knew that I could have spent long hours playing with any of these elements. As a teenager, life caught me by surprise and gave me a chance to become a perfumer, a rare job, fascinating, different, full of joy and tears. I was born in Paris France but very early, traveling, exploring and discovering new sensations were like an addiction. After many years on the road I realized that my heart and soul would always be away from my roots and after experiencing America I realized that New York City was the place where I belonged and  felt free to create. When life is inspiring me to create a perfume, I escape, I transcend, I forget the world and disappear into my research. It is a very particular experience. I have been called a French revolutionary and I love it, if that’s what it takes to capture a new emotion in a bottle , tell a new story, a new melody. I am a lucky man, I love what I do and I want to continue to design very special fragrances.”

Some of his creations include: