A creative collaboration between Damiani Editore x The Society of Scent: the sexy and flirtatious aesthetic of Calla Licious is playfully revealed in the seductive almost gourmand “Moon Atlas” of Luca Missoni. A curated combination and a great gift.

Hardcover + 0.5 fl.oz/ 15ml


Hardcover / 10×5 x 13 inches / 156 pages

Edited Maurizio Bortolotti.

A sumptuous photographic study of the moon in each of its phases

Luca Missoni (born 1956), artistic director of the Missoni Archive, has been infatuated with the moon since childhood, observing it through a telescope and collecting maps and books about the moon, and, over the past 20 years, incorporating it into his artistic research as a photographer.

Moon Atlas is structured in two sections: a photographic study of the moon in each of its phases, followed by playful renderings of the moon in various colors and compositions, highlighting the tension between the bright visible face and the hidden dark side.

The result is Missoni’s personal interpretation of our closest heavenly body, a journey through his lifelong appreciation of Earth’s satellite and a beautiful book capturing the obsession of artists throughout history from the perspective of a seasoned eye.


A TEASE OF VELVET AND FLESH: stripped layers of sheer Calla Lily, flirty Pear, suave Jasmine, hot Pink Pepper and skin Musk. Unclothed delicious Vanilla. Indulge in illicit bliss with a luscious Eau de Parfum created by Nathalie Feisthauer.

0.5 fl.oz/ 15 ml