DISCOVER OUR COLLECTION in the sanctity of your home. Experience our scents in real life, with the luxury of time and without any pressure to buy. See what you and your entourage like and do not hesitate to contact us with any question.

Contains 5 vials of 0.1 fl.oz/ 3ml.



We would not expect anyone to purchase a scent without trying it! We also believe that the best place to discover a scent is in a real life situation and not in a crowded store where the atmosphere is saturated with odors, noises and often not so fragrance-savvy sales associates. For this reason, we have packed the 5 volumes of the SO SCENT° collection in one easy to ship discovery set.

Finding the right scent is a bit of a dating process. It takes some time to discover the many facets of a well layered high-end fragrance, it evolves with time and behaves differently on everyone, and falling in love with it can happen at first sight or instead can be a gradual but irreversible process. Also let’s be honest about this: the input and feedback of our entourage is impacting our choice as far as a signature scent is concerned.

Enjoy the 5 scents at home, wear them whenever you feel like it, and never precipitate a purchase decision for a fragrance.

  • Our discovery set contains 5 x vials of 0.1 l.oz/ 3ml packaged in a thin protective sleeve:

CALL∆ LICIOUS Eau de Parfum
ASPHALT NOIR[E] Eau de Parfum
ROSE [R]AGE Eau de Parfum
ASHEN ORRIS Eau de Parfum

  • Dimensions: 3 x 4 x 0.5 in
  • Shipping by ground by USPS in all U.S 48 contiguous States – average delivery in 48 hours (shipping alcoholic perfume by air is a complicated and costly affair). All other destinations are a case by case arbitration between Fedex, UPS, USPS Global. On average it takes a week to complete international shipments but with recent events we have witnessed extended lead times.


We are a collective of disruptive thinkers and shakers with a solid expertise in Scent and Fragrance. Our team and network is composed of Perfumers, Brand Builders and Creative visionaries. We love what we create, we are engaged in the quest for a better living, we imagine and share our vision with the world. We are a Perfume House and not just a brand: our scents are created in our Lab by Jean Claude Delville, and a couple of guest perfumers. We think of ourselves as part of an “Alternative Perfumery” movement. The Society of Scent follows the principle that defines a true perfume house: Scent Creation and Creative Direction stays in-house. We are obsessed with quality, differentiation and emotional connections. We are committed to creative excellence and celebrate the extraordinary power of scents. We are initiating our own Scent Movement where respect for the Consumer and respect for the Product are the key drivers of everything we do !


Formulated by Nose Jean Claude Delville and featured guest Perfumers, SO SCENT° is our Cult Brand, created in our proprietary laboratory in the South Bronx. Each fragrance is imagined with a non gender specific aesthetic and is designed to trigger a flow of sensory emotions for all. The artistic and crafted process combined with the highest quality of ingredients and the time spent on necessary maturation and maceration are bound to deliver the ultimate Slow Scent experience.

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