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Perfumery 101

Learn about perfume making, ingredients and scents

At the Society of Scent, we are very aware that good information about perfume making, ingredients or our trade in general, are difficult to find, often incomplete or simply biased by a lack of transparency or even sometimes a cult of secrecy.

While formulas needs to be protected from copy – a vast subject as there is no registration of trademark or trade secrets as it pertains to perfume formulas, general education and information is lacking only because the industry does not think that consumers need to see much of behind the scenes.

We beg to differ and strongly believe that a better understanding of our obscure skills and techniques and the ingredients we use, is the key to a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of the final product, which is far more than a fashion accessory carrying the name of an otherwise unaffordable brand…

In this section, we mean to open up the door to our laboratory, share some basic knowledge, and brake the distance between the makers and the curious public. We intend to post regularly, starting with subjects we most often get questioned about. Most of our statements are facts but we do not hesitate to share strong opinions or be critical of our industry, as we feel it needs to reconnect with reality and with consumers.