We love what we create, we are engaged in the quest for a better living, we imagine and share our vision with the world. We are shaping a community of scent lovers based on Truth, knowledge, fair business, transparency and creative imagination. We explore the sensory and emotional dimensions in order to diffuse happiness and beauty. We are committed to creative excellence and celebrate the extraordinary power of scents. We are initiating our own Scent Movement where respect for the Consumer and respect for the Product are the key drivers of everything we do !


Formulated by Nose Jean Claude Delville and featured guest Perfumers, SO SCENT° is our Cult Brand, created in our proprietary laboratory in the South Bronx. Each fragrance is imagined with a non gender specific esthetic and is designed to trigger a flow of sensory emotions for all. The artistic and crafted process combined with the highest quality of ingredients and the time spent on necessary maturation and maceration are bound to deliver the ultimate Slow Scent experience.


The Kitchen is an olfactive and creative studio which includes our proprietary Fragrance Creation laboratory and our Creative content studio. In conjunction with the Collective of experts that forms The Society of Scent, we offer customized consultancies to an array of clients who want to redefine the branding and the whole experience in the scented products marketplace.


The Institute is designed as a transparent path to The Know and an initiation platform for all scent lovers, beginners or explorers , experts or in search of professional education. Tutored by Mireya Zendejas, The Institute offers information workshops (for adult and children) as well “one-on-one” sessions with our Nose Jean Claude Delville.

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