High Snobiety x New Models

What does the internet smell like ?

When Sarah Andelman, Founder and Creative Director of Colette in Paris, reached out to us to see if we would collaborate with Highsnobiety and New Models on something for Art Basel Miami, we had no idea what it was about but we obviously said yes ! Then, the challenge got summed up in simple terms: “Create a perfume that smells like the internet. Create it so it can launch in 2 months.

Don’t use alcohol because it needs to ship internationally”. Ok, so it would be oiled based, we would work the collab under our SO SCENT brand in order to use our existing packaging, and other than that, everything else would have to be extremely new! After some rather intellectual exchanges in distant zoom sessions with the team at New Models, we embarked on the blending of improbable and contrasting ingredients. The goal was to obtain enough weirdness, in a vastness of banality, and create harmony out of burn plastic, ozone, coltan and sweat.

The end product maybe a shock at first spray, but be warned, there is a good chance you will get addicted to it! You can buy the product at Highsnobiety

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