Tune out the chaos! Explore the timeless process of fragrance creation: See the Lab where our "nose" Jean Claude Delville and featured guest perfumers create extraordinary scents using the highest quality ingredients. 

The Society of Scent invites you to discover the SO SCENT° collection in the intimacy of your own nest, on your own time, with your own chosen entourage. Experience the pressure-free "Slow Scent" movement with a renewed sensory awareness and enjoy avant-garde fragrances. Feel the magical powers of Scent on a "high-end/ no attitude" platform, built by and for a community of fragrance enthusiasts.

The Mag

A digital magazine celebrating the extraordinary impact of Scent as a part of Culture.


Documented conversations with the creative community, exploring sensory and olfactory territories, eventually leading to scented experiences, exhibitions and objects.

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